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2 thoughts on “The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Race Report World Cup 1 Stellenbosch”

  1. Thanks for the race report. Yes, I’d say 14th at the World Cup was pretty damn good, lol. Consistency was the highlight of your performance, imo. You were 14th after the 1st lap and stayed there the whole race. A great level that can be moved up in the weeks before Albstadt. Regarding the start incident, I didn’t notice it when watching live on Redbull but went back to the replay and you were completely right to move up when you did. Neff had come to the line, the call-up was over, the tape lifted. The official touching you or any rider in that manner is uncalled for, and he’s the one that should be given a fine. Imagine an official pushing Neff or Schurter or Absalon back by the neck under any circumstances and any level of “force”; he’d be thrown out. You and every rider deserve the same respect. Your restraint is impressive. A strong rider’s union would help in these situations.

    Back to the racing, what are your thoughts on the new XCC “pre-race” race? Do you pan to participate or save the legs despite the effect it will have on start position?

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